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29 Feb’08
Sr. Chiitinun and Br.Pom were invited to organize activities for’ Enhancing Concentration in work ‘ at Office of Land Development to 60 personels from all over the country. Br Pom introduced RajaYoga Meditation and Dr.Chittinun distributed virtues cards and did the Virtues Scope from 9.00 to12.00 noon. In March, at Home for Children of Disadvantages and Orphanages, Sr. Chittinun also distributed virtues cards to children, personnels and social workers. They would like her to do Self-Management  and Virtues Scope in the future.

7 March ’08
On International Day of Women, 7 March 2008, Sr. Tim – BK Center coordinator in Pattani who was presented the shield of glorification as outstanding women in Peace promotion campaign in the 3 southern border provinces of Thailand by the Ministry of Society and Security of Humanity Development. Her official name Miss Suphawan Puengrasami aged 49 is recognized as

  • Head of academic cooperation center to give help to the people affected by the political unrest in Pattani
  • Administrator of the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga foundation in Pattani (non-profit organization)
  • Senior member of the Pattani Municipal Committee

She has Sr. Aui working closely in both running the center and official workshops particularly in her home town where ‘violence’ is extreme continually for 4 years. Her outstanding performance is as follows:

  • World Peace Day campaign annually.
  • Link of Love project as an act of sharing virtues in Pattani and the surrounding province.
  • Radio Program on Peaceful Wave on Prince of Songkla University, Pattani Channel.
  • Healing the Hearts of the affected women programm in process.
  • Young lawyers – Training on Psychology in self + family + friends +society.

8 March ’08
Shivratri was celebrated amidst an serene atmosphere at the main centre Nonthaburi with Bk family and the public.

Through a dance, the values and virtues were explained to the gathering. A small informal workshop was held encouraging the involvement of the public and all the points of knowledge were explained. The message of Baba and His birthday was also conveyed to all. People went home content and happy.

3 April ’08
About 500 officers and families from all over the countries promoting  the campaign ‘Family with virtues brings about happy society’ received virtues cards distributed at the National Family Assembly. They were amazed that the cards they got really describe their characteristics.

5-7 April’08
3 Days family retreat with Didi Dr. Nirmala at Taweechol Botanical Garden, Chiangmai gave benefit to a gathering of 50 students to experience one family whether old or new, or which place they belong. Following the timetable of Madhuban, the new ones were inspired to make efforts for Madhuban in October whereas those who have been back from Madhuban were affirmed to maintain intense effort making for transformation.

The public program on ‘ the Power of Om’ attracted  60 interested people to take benefit from meditation for life of health, wealth and happiness. Dr. Chao Dong Duen NaChiangmai, the President of Culture Council, Chiangmai and former Madhuban POM guest also attended.

There was also the ceremony to pay respect to the elders on the occasion of Songkran, the Thai New Year Day. Each one was made holy by Didiji showering each one with jasmine scented water, putting the jasmine garland around the neck, giving toli, blessing and gifts.



  1. Love to hear and see this truthful effort made to spread the valuable message for the the need .
    From BK Shoba , Pollachi, TN.