1. I am very happy to see all lots of thanks baba I really love dadi you are great as baba. You are the dearest child of baba! I like to be like you to get baba’s love. I am getting baba’s love now also but not as much as much as beloved dadi got because of my service. Our Dadi gave every to baba and so happy with baba. My aim is also same as dadi in future!

  2. Its very good . Iam very Glad.She is ?Looking me just like FARISHA ,DOLL JAB vo stage pe bolti hain to meri guru jaisi lagti hai

    Thanks to baba

  3. Om Shanti

    Accept Bapdada’s Yaad.

    I am really grateful the Sisters/Brothers involved in this type of support and
    service rendered to all BKs. This is really very good which will create more
    and more enthusiasm and courage to do the service. It is really inspiring in
    one and all
    In Bapdada’s Yaad

    Excellent for Trivya Purushath. Just seeing her Chehra makes you want to follow in her footsteps. Thank you for this wonderful video. IBYP.