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Thursday 22 May 2008 Evening – Peace Power & Wisdom – Dadi Hirday Mohini


The Visit to Nigeria
Of the Eminent Person of

Dadi Hirday Mohini,

Additional Administrative Head
Of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

Why Wisdom?
God has given Nigeria wealth and power – Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. But He sees that its people – His children – lack peace and satisfaction. It’s not just a matter of Africa; indeed, the whole world has wealth and power but the whole world lacks the wisdom to empower itself to become peaceful.

Wisdom makes it possible to empower ourselves to experience peace and to develop within ourselves a flock of virtues that make the heart fly with zeal and enthusiasm. The fruit of virtue is that economy benefits, education benefits, health benefits, everyone benefits – no stress, no cheating, no hatred.

A Unique Work…
This is the work that we, under our parent organisation, the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, are engaged in all over the world. We work with everyone from leaders to villagers, the educated to the uneducated, to strive for that optimal mental consciousness that makes transformation possible.

The University believes that change can only happen through individual change, hence the maxim, “When I change, the world changes.” In Nigeria, we have been providing courses, lectures, seminars and have organised conferences to inspire and to assist self-transformation through wisdom. We have given Values in Education courses for teachers and other educators; we have given Self-Management Courses, Positive Thinking and Stress Management Courses to Industry and Commerce and business houses. We also have in hand a Values in Healthcare programme for the benefit of Healthcare Professionals. We have spoken at villages and at Churches and at Temples, and in Muslim communities. People do experience practical help and support from this education. Underlying the success of this education is meditation, a practice that takes the individual deep into it’s core, original qualities, strengths and elevated potential.

A Great Honour…
To further these aims, we are immensely honoured to have the visit of our eminent senior sister, Dadi Hirday Mohini (Dadi means senior sister), to Nigeria on 21st May 2008. She is officially the Additional Administrative Head of the University, which spans over 110 countries and operates over 8,000 free, self-transformation branches throughout the world. All our events are free of charge to everyone. Finance of the institute is by voluntary contribution from those who have benefited.

Dadi has immense spiritual light, strength, humility and peace, and is loved wherever she has visited. No-one feels she is a stranger, but they feel, “Dadi belongs to our country.” She has been accorded state honour in various countries and met with state leaders who have appreciated the opportunity of such an audience.




For further Information, please contact:
Dr P. Shenoy: 7766688

Pujari – Shukla J.N: 07038402885


  1. Stepping into the country like Nigeria is the real need for the people who live there.
    Let Baba’s fragrance gets spreaded throughout this country to gain and smell the Peace, Power and Wisdom.

  2. May the Nigerian take the Light & Might from shiva baba to flourish their 21 births.