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Inauguration of Business Wng Workshop At Gyan Sarovar


Photo news about “Reception-cum-Inaugural function” of National workshop-cum-meditation retreat organised by Business & Industry Wing at Gyan Sarovar,Mt. Abu.

The following dignitaries seen in the photograph:

  1. Rajyogini Dadi Hridaya Mohini ji, Chairperson-Business & Industry Wing,
  2. Mr. Vinaykumar Sanghvi, Industrialist from Barshi, Solapur (Maharashtra)
  3. Mr. C P Singh, Eminent Businessman, Mumbai
  4. B K Yogini behn, National Co-ordinator-Business & Industry Wing
  5. B K Madanlal Sharma ji, National Co-ordinator-Business & Industry Wing
  6. B K Geeta ben, Headquarters Co-ordinator-Business & Industry Wing
  7. B K Lalji bhai Patel, Mt. Abu
  8. B K Mohan bhai Patel, Mumbai
  9. B K Harresh bhai, Mumbai

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  1. All participants (more than 800 souls), ‘Experienced God’s Power’ in the Retreat, and left with a promise to self of living stress free life with BABA as Companion, Guide & Partner in business and life.