1. Baba’s magic has made this possible. I have lived in Besant Nagar for many years, and used to drive to Anna Nagar and Nungambakkam for the class. This is a great opportunity for the Souls in the Adyar area, to get the Knowledge with a Center close by.

    Om Shanti

  2. Om Shanti.
    Very Wonderful Baba’s House constructed in Adyar which is the reflection of Tyag and Tapasya of all sisters and brothers.
    Its really a proof of Tapasya which shows by determined thought and Faith in Baba everything is possible.
    Continuous Bhatti of many 108 Hrs, many 21 days meditation got this result.
    Its really amazing the way this house got constructed.

  3. A center which emits purity and peace, love and Tapasya of all souls who has given their time, money,good wishes.A proof to baba’s children that with commitment,Faith in Baba everything is possible.
    Wonderful Baba. Wonderful his children.
    Om Shanti.