1. Dear sweet brothers/sisters,

    Really heartfull and happy news within our Family…!
    Now even this will start doing it’s own service. Thinking the gigantic, Huge Walls and the pedestrian walk, its quiet amazing.

    It also silently says the Sacrifice and Tapasya of our “Beloved DADIJI” who always get intoxicated seeing the hall and the Gathering of swans in it..! Hope we remember the happiness she feels when she enters the hall. (Behath ka Baba ne Behath ke Daimond hall dhee hai..!)

    However as Baba says, “whatever the Big auditorium u Build, that becomes small for you. This is the Blessing of this confluence age..!” even Daimond Hall had become small for us now.. So my Sweet Pals, Lets dream for a big one, Surely Baba will be with us to make it true..!