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Dadi Janki – Questions and Answers


Dadi Janki – Questions and Answers – 1st May 2008

Global Co operation House , London

Questions were put to Dadi Janki by Sister Jayanti

Question: Dadi, some time ago you mentioned that you stayed with Dadi Kumarka for a very short time, and even with Dadi Gulzar, you didn’t live with her for a long time physically, but yet, there is closeness between you, because of the equality of the level of the quality of your effort. There are many sitting here who have taken very good sustenance from you for many years and there are others who haven’t had the experience of a personal meeting with you. How can those who have known you for only two or five years become equal and come close to you? What should they do?

Answer: From the beginning I have lived with Dadiji very little. Even in service, if I went to one place, Dadi would have been in another place. Similarly, I have not stayed with Dadi Gulzar either. However, the honesty, the teachings that we received and bringing them in our personal lives have been very beneficial. The level of my effort is such that I am able to catch intentions very quickly. I have never ever done anything according to my own wish. I remember when the centre in Guyana was opened by Uncle and Auntie and you had gone there. You used to phone me in London and I would connect with Madhuban and give you directions according to what Madhuban told me. It was this system of connection and communication that inspired Uncle to open a centre in Guyana. On this spiritual path there is love and also laws. By being loveful and lawful there has been a lot of benefit. I have never considered myself to be senior – even now I don’t think of myself as a senior, but always have the desire to learn from others, young or old. I wish to learn, wherever I am living. From morning till night, I can learn if I have the intention to learn. I have learnt from my seniors, from my equals and, since coming abroad, I have learnt a lot from all of you. If I feel that I know everything and I have considered everything, then who is going to try to explain something to me? There should never be any trace of arrogance, the desire to learn and a loving relationship with everyone, then even the new ones can automatically catch everything. Bhavna (feelings), vision and attitude are automatically able to catch vibrations. With the intention to learn even new ones who have come today can learn a lot.

Question: Connected with this, on the one hand, all of Baba’s children have knowledge, and we are all on the same path, and so it is “natural” (automatic) to think that I have knowledge and so I am right. I know myself and so I maintain that intoxication, but then on the other side, I can also develop arrogance of knowing this. What things should I pay attention to, as it is a very fine balance between arrogance and self-respect?

Answer: Those who consider themselves to be right feel that way, because everything is going according to their desires. They don’t have the desire to change and, even if someone gives them a signal to change, they cannot accept it. (Jayantiben – Since you have received knowledge, you would feel that you are doing everything correct naturally because you have knowledge and moving along with knowledge.)

What does knowledge mean? Knowledge does not mean just giving or listening to knowledge, but being gyani – one who is using knowledge in their practical life. God gave knowledge to the soul – you are a soul. Many have not yet understood this clearly and made their foundation strong. They haven’t used it and practiced it. God is my Father. Who is He? I am a soul, and through His drishti God is giving me a signal and opening my eyes. My eyes reveal whether I am soul conscious or body conscious. By being soul conscious, I will become introverted and never feel that I am right. Through introversion, I am able to discern between right and wrong, truth and falsehood, sin and charity. I will know this with the power of concentration together with introversion. While there is extroversion, I cannot have the power of concentration, and then I will not have the power to discern. Without the power to discern in myself, I have always verified myself with Baba’s murali’s and the practical dharna of the seniors. My relationship and connection with others should be so good that we are able to give a signal to one another. One has to remain cautious all the time – not that you do something wrong and then repent for it. The disciplines and codes of conduct are for us to remain cautious and clever. My love for all should be such that, even when someone says something to me, I thank them. I have always accepted any signal that anyone has given and used it in my life. I used to ask Mama with a lot of love and humility: Mama, please tell me what is lacking in me, so I can correct myself. I would go in front of Baba with this feeling that Baba would tell me something about myself. I never tried to prove myself right in front of Dadi. Even when others complained about me, I never asked: Why did they complain? With such humility and truth, when one has the intention to learn, they always remain happy. They don’t teach others but others learn from them. It is not a question of arrogance, but maintain your self respect first. I can only maintain my self respect when others have regard for me in their heart. When people have arrogance, it doesn’t inspire respect for them in others. Don’t ask for respect, but command it.

I once asked Dadiji, what is knowledge and what is yoga?

Dadi replied: It is true bhavna (pure feelings) for the self and for others. There should not be any difference in my bhavna. God is the One who not only thinks benevolently for all, but brings benefit to all. Sometimes, because of sanskars or karmic accounts, the bhavna breaks not just for the self, but for also for the yagya. Let me check myself with true bhavna. If you have that bhavna, the vibrations of this will reach others – if not today, then tomorrow. Practise and rehearse with one thing or another for 6 months or 2 months. Everything works with bhavna. If someone doesn’t have faith, it can bring a difference in their feelings. “I have faith in Baba, but not in you.” What does this mean? True feelings with faith in the intellect bring very good fruit. A faithful intellect brings victory.

Question: I always thought that we first received a divine intellect from God, and then, on the basis of this, I clean my mind and feelings and move along in my effort. Where did bhavna come from?

Answer: God gave knowledge, and the experience of that– of love and peace – makes me enjoy knowledge. God gave knowledge so that the intellect can think well and become satoguni. Make your intellect satoguni, so that you can imbibe knowledge. Previously, it was tamoguni – always picking up negative traits of everyone. A rajoguni intellect picks up both virtues and defects. When you first receive knowledge, you have to make your intellect satoguni to be able to imbibe knowledge. If the intellect is even slightly rajoguni, the knowledge doesn’t go inside at all. A tamoguni intellect will not be able to see any goodness in anyone. Even good things will feel like they are bad. A satoguni intellect will not see anything bad. My bhavna is that each one becomes good. If there isn’t any bhavna, I have to create that bhavna. Anyone’s intellect can change at any time – it can change between morning and evening. Check the self: is my intellect satoguni from morning till night? I once was asked: “This soul is so good, but why did this happen to that soul?” I answered: “The old sanskars of arrogance have not yet been killed or there was some karmic account and that is why the other person did not take in a good way something that was meant to be good for them.” It is not “my intellect”. God, the Intellect of the Wise, is giving me an intellect, and so let me use that intellect as a blessing. Baba, let everyone continue to receive such an intellect. The slightest trace of a rajoguni or tamoguni intellect brings loss.

Question: A satoguni intellect is able to have elevated bhavna and, when there is something mixed in my bhavna, it affects my intellect.

Answer: When there is mixture, others are not able to receive those vibrations and the atmosphere is spoilt. If I pay attention continually to maintain a very good atmosphere, I am able to keep my intellect pure. Here, people don’t consider it necessary to keep their mind peaceful. My mind should be peaceful and, for that my heart should be filled with feelings of peace and love. In relationships, when there is bhavna and love, my intellect doesn’t question anything, because I have the time to remain peaceful and quiet. There is no need to think anything at all. At the right time the right things will happen; there is no doubt about this. Everyone will do what is right and, even if someone doesn’t do the right thing, Baba’s work will never fail. An atmosphere filled with faith will make it emerge from everyone’s heart: Yes, Baba’s work will definitely happen! Where there is the majority, the minority cannot say anything.

Question: Remain content and claim blessings by making others content. This raises a question: I try my best to keep everyone content but sometimes I feel that I can’t make everyone content. Sometimes it feels like it may be their own sanskars or nature that prevent them from remaining content.

The main thing is that I, the soul am at the confluence age and have received so much sustenance, study and attainment from God. Let that emerge and use it. The sustenance makes you content. By being content, everything becomes easy. These three things have made me happy and full with so much happiness that I don’t then look at others. In making others content, let me never let go of the sanskar of being a bestower. Let me never become tired thinking: This one is never going to be contented. What can I do? The sun and the ocean never tire doing their service. Water rains and, in some places it cleanses everything, in others it creates dirt. Baba never stopped doing what he had to do. A time will come when other souls will realize that they received so much yet didn’t value it. Do service, remain happy and don’t ask for anything. Why take on an extra burden on yourself and become a householder instead of being a yogi? Never let go of blessings and mercy. Appreciate others for the little that they do. At least let souls have good company. Old mothers working in the kitchen remain so happy working in God’s kitchen. First feed others and then eat yourself.

Question: What should I do when others are not content with me?

Answer: they are just testing you, so don’t let that tire you. If they are not able to be content with you, let someone else make them content. If souls are not content with me, let me take them to you, so that they become content. But I must never just let them be, thinking they are never going to be content.

Question: Baba is giving us so many powers, but which is the main power that we need at the present time?

Answer: Each power has its own importance, but at present we need the powers to discern and decide. We have gone into expansion so much that we need the power to pack up and the power to accommodate. We can only decide when we have discerned between right and wrong. I have to become true and make the whole world truthful. If I take a decision with the power to discern then God will help me out. I may not have the time to discern or to pack up. Everything begins with the power of concentration. The intellect must first be concentrated to able to pack up, merge and accommodate. The final moments have a connection with a long period of time. Now are the final moments, so I have to keep reminding myself of this. In my final moments I should only have Baba and nothing else in front of me. I should have asked for forgiveness for any mistake I have made. How will I be able to help the world in its final moments? For this I need to have kept a good chart and record over a long period of time. If it hasn’t been good, let me make it good. Let me finish the past within myself, so that it is finished in everyone’s heart. Baba is the Bestower of Fortune, so continue to create your fortune and distribute it by becoming powerful.

Question: It is very easy for everyone to do service and forget other things. So, can all the things of the past births and of this birth be settled by performing a lot of charitable actions? Or is it that without the power of yoga I cannot settle my karmic accounts?

Answer: In Baba’s last murli, Baba drew our attention fully: Many have claimed good marks in service, but are lacking in gyan, yoga and dharna. Service is serving others and you receive happiness, but inside there is emptiness. The first subject is gyan and this means my yoga and dharna should be good. Yoga means that I should experience receiving from the Ocean of Peace, the Ocean of Love, the Ocean of Bliss in a state of peace. In service others receive automatically. It is easy to make service plans, but difficult to make the intellect plain. Keep your intellect plain. A planning intellect will never be able to be quiet. When Baba became avyakt one brother asked me: When you sit in yoga, do you think of service? Never. I will not be able to draw power from God if I think of service in remembrance. Why am I sitting in remembrance, if I am going to be thinking of others? Sit in silence so that whatever you do afterwards will work out well and be filled with wonders. If, sitting in remembrance, I am practising the points I shall be sharing, that isn’t remembrance. Understand what remembrance is – that you don’t remember anyone else and yoga means to have connection with only One, so that you become light and receive might. Tests will come through the body or mind and make you weak. If you have power, then tests will come and go and not affect you. You will just simply continue to move forward. Tests go away according to the drama or through Baba’s help. Pay full attention to the self and Baba is drawing our attention. Gulzar Dadi always used to remain so quiet and peaceful and that is why Baba chose her. Some haven’t the taste of sitting down quietly.

Question: Some time ago, someone said to me that they wanted to be like Dadi Gulzar – not to come into activity but just to stay in one place peacefully, working on their stage, without being involved with any activity at all. Dadi Gulzar has made her stage so beautiful and, seeing your life, Dadi, they may feel you are too engaged in service and activity. ‘To create my stage is the most important thing and so I just want to do this because coming into activity brings with it tiredness and sanskars etc.’

Answer: I cannot compare myself with anyone and think that I can become like another being. God reminds each soul of what his or her part is. Baba reminds us at every moment what we need to do. Read the murli every day – morning and night. If someone stops doing service and sits down in yoga, they are not going to be able to have yoga. The yoga that one is able to have in a gathering, they cannot have it by themselves. In a gathering one sits alert and is able to have yoga. Understand what yoga is and what service is. Do service, but keep your mind pure and peaceful. Do not get caught up in jealousy or the conflict of sanskars. If you don’t get on well with someone, it is in your own hands. I had said to avyakt BapDada: “Baba, You are my world, so let my sanskars become like Yours.” Baba replied: “You have to make them like His.” If Baba is my world, what is in the Father’s world? He is the Father of all, the Benefactor. This is the confluence age and He has to take all the children back home and establish the golden-aged new world. These are the sanskars of the Father. (Jayantiben: How can you make your sanskars the same as the Father’s? Will it be through yoga or service?)

You will make them the same with your deep love. Yoga means deep love. Do service and that deep love will do its own work. When you do service, service will do its own work and the deep love will do its own work. It is easy to do the service that you like by yourself. But no, I have to be able to do everything within a gathering. Do such service that, seeing you, others are inspired. If someone doesn’t do service, they will have negative thoughts and fall ill. Baba would then say: “Engage that one in service and they will get well.” The main thing is that some souls don’t really want to change their sanskars. Some have the strong warrior sanskars but those with golden-aged sanskars don’t want to fight.


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