1. the hard work of didi achal ji zone i/c of panjab has made the mela successful at the age of 80 she personally monitored the mela stall of bks what to talk of harsh sun heat and mosquittos in the night and the simplicity of our didi ji she lived in atent and that too without the cooler or ac ……….. all the commendations to her hard work and inspiration despite ill health …… haridwar centre could have done more better for her and other brothers and sisters … may rethink the so called intzam(arrangements) ….bk rajiv panchkula…om shanti … once again all the badhai( (Commendations) to achal didi ji and her team from chandigarh

  2. Very nice servie done by this Mela, many sages and holy men has got the message,
    Thank you BABA, Thank you Dadi MAA..