Listen To Mamma’s Voice

Dadi Janki’s Message On Mamma Day

To the lucky living stars on earth, the beautiful children of Mama, the Moon, and Baba, the Sun,   My Dear Divine Sisters and Brothers, Loving greetings to all of you on Mamma’s Day!

Madhuban has offered bhog to Mama on Sunday morning. Since the early hours of amrit vela, the atmosphere of Pandav Bhawan has been that of deep silence and power, reflecting the nature of our beautiful Mama.
I was sharing in class how this is the first time I am spending Mama’s Day in Madhuban since 1974, when I left Bharat for foreign service. I was meant to depart on 23rd June for a tour of Israel, Greece, UK and USA but it’s my greatest fortune that Baba and drama decided I should be in Madhuban to cherish the memories of our Mama.

I didn’t sleep for most of last night; I was thinking about Mama and the extraordinary depth of her purusharth (effort) and attainment of the karmateet stage. We are Baba’s children, but it was Mama who sustained us unconditionally.

Mama was never careless in her efforts and yet no one ever saw her labour or struggle to progress in her spiritual life. Her ever-alert mind, unlimited faith in the intellect and detachment from the body and bodily relationships ensured that no obstacle could challenge her.

Mama never looked at what others were doing; her focus was on the self and Baba. Mama’s heart was so pure that she enjoyed watching Baba care for us. There was never the thought: why was someone receiving more attention or sustenance?

I have learned so much from Mama and would like to share these teachings with you, as they have strengthened the foundation of my Brahmin life:

  • Always be aware that your final thoughts will lead you to your destination.
  • No teaching or advice can be bad; it will be of use at some time.  Don’t get annoyed with those who draw your attention to improvement – keep these teachings safe in your intellect.
  • If Baba has given you service to do, He will also give you the strength and skills to carry them out. Be open to learning.
  • Remember that you have now connected your mind to Baba; so how can you allow it to be mischievous any more?
  • Be aware that the world is looking up to you. God continues to watch over you but now the world is observing you.
  • If Baba has shared His thoughts or instructions, how can we even think of commenting on or assessing them? Mama would never show disrespect to Baba in this way
  • Avoid keeping other’s weaknesses or defects in your memory track.
  • Mama’s presence and her virtue of coolness could make anyone calm. Impure or waste thoughts could not enter anyone’s mind, when they came in front of Mama. The attention she paid to being bodiless inspired everyone to be the same.

On Mama’s day, let us all take up the determined thought to fulfill Baba’s wishes. We cannot afford to be repentant in front of Baba. Let our true income accumulate, so that we give the return of our Parent’s precious sustenance.

Bhog was offered in Om Shanti Bhawan with eight jewels on stage: Dadi Janki, Dadi Ratan Mohini, Dadi Manohar Indra, Mohinibehn, Munnibehn, Dada Chandrahaas, Nirwairbhai and Rameshbhai.  The experience was enchanting. Baba’s bhog message will come to you soon.

I am sure all of you will take special time to experience this day.
With special loving wishes from all the Madhuban Niwasis,
In Baba’s sweet remembrance,
B.K. Janki

MAMMA Embodiment Of Perfection

At this moment, in this month, at this point on the turning wheel of Time, our thoughts turn to her. To Mama. We are drawn to the familiar image of her sitting silently beneath the tree, at the base of the Tree of Life itself. Quiet and unassuming –  incognito. And from this still, strong space she sustains the whole tree, every leaf on every branch.

Through the roots she help to nurture, those early young kumaris she encouraged and supported, we many, many Brahmins who did not know her, feed on the fruit of what she attained.

All over the Brahmin world, today, minds will turn to recall her extraordinary story, her unique part in the Great Play. This morning we consider just five faces of Mama, five aspects of her journey from the moment she came to the yagya to her continuing powerful subtle presence.

We reflect first on Radhe the young kumari; then the face of goddess Saraswati; then world mother Jagadamba; and finally Lakshmi, empress of perfection.  We see all this in Mama …Maa, the Mother;
Each face is exceptional, outstanding, unique, embodying strengths and qualities to which we aspire.

First , the face of a young girl Radhe, bright, and shining with talent, blessed with possessions, prosperity and all the opportunities the world could promise.

A girl in the height of fashion, but she did the unfashionable thing, One fateful meeting and with a single stride she stepped away from that fortune to take up another fortune altogether.
He recognised her at once. Pure, and pure in heart, simple in her soul. He invited her to immortality. Unhesitatingly she accepted. Immediate surrender.

Renouncing all in an instant, and in that instant, gaining everything.
At once, the journey began: the careful committed focus on herself, to change, to grow, to become worthy of his invitation.

Mama  Maa
In no time at all, it seemed, in the twinkling of an eye, she transformed into the next phase…   The graceful girl who went to sleep, awoke – not just a woman, but a loving mother. Though she bore no children of her own, straightaway she knew how to care for and sustain the numerous children he had created, born from his mouth, brought to life through his vision, reborn to an understanding of who they are.

Like any mother, Mama knew intuitively when to comfort and encourage, and knew when loving support is best served by a certain toughness, expecting great things from each one with equal vision.    Expecting more of each one, than perhaps we think possible of ourselves. Each one of us is inspired to exceed our best, to merit her high vision. Yet her love did not judge and was given without condition.

With gentleness and quiet courage, Mama rose to meet each test, accepted and accommodated each challenge.

The unshakeable base of the strength she shared was the bedrock of Knowledge. She listened to his words, she wrote down his thoughts and explained their meaning.   Mama mastered the things Brahma Baba spoke of, and having absorbed them into her being, shared and showered their meaning to all around.

All the qualities, the goodness and sanskars of greatness Mama accumulated in her life are present in her form as Saraswati, goddess of Knowledge, who strums the strings of sweet wisdom, who speaks wise words.
Mama loved the knowledge and Baba’s teachings; her gift was to share those teachings with such understanding, such depth and clarity that those she taught would love them too.

Like Goddess Saraswati, often shown cool, detached upon a lotus flower. That was Mama’s fragrant quality: to give generous, loving vibrations to all, yet to remain un-attached, saving herself only for the service and connection to the One Father.

Like Saraswati, music-maker, player of the veena, Mama’s whole life was a melodic song of love and service, sung from her heart, in harmony with Baba’s words and deepest wishes.

Jagadamba – mother not only to the young kumaris, not only to the early yagya, instilling peace and good orderly direction, but mother to the whole world, world mother.

She never even left the shores of Bharat, yet every single leaf on every twig of the tree is nourished by her efforts throughout her life, even to this day.

Mama prepared and nurtured those first out-reaching Brahmins, to carry out Baba’s wishes. She imparted practical wisdom –  directions and disciplines that would keep them safe –  taught them to speak and gave the courage to go beyond the safe confines of the yagya.

She served those who would serve the world. And now her subtle strength encourages and empowers who step out to the corners of the earth to give drops of life-saving truth to the thirsty.

First among the kumaris, first among the goddesses – first bride. Lakshmi. Mama’s final form as Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth and All Attainments,

Those who knew her, pile up the qualities she demonstrated and practised in her life – Purity, Intelligence, Obedience, Grace.  Mama was Accurate & Accommodating, Loving & Detached, Teacher & Communicator, Orderly & Organised, Loving & Lawful, Generous & Giving.

Through her efforts in her lifetime, Mama accumulated all the virtues and positive qualities which in her Lakshmi form, she generously give to others.

As Goddess of Wealth, she bestows to all souls the unlimited riches of spiritual knowledge and with open hands and open heart decorates them with virtues.

On Mama’s day we remember her especially, and empowered by her loving energy, we try to emulate her virtues this day, and all days.

Specialities Of MAMMA

  1. Mama’s lokik name was Radhe, and just like her name, she was  totally intoxicated about the murli. She used to listen to each and every word of Baba’s with a lot of love, merge it in herself and explain it to everyone ver y clearly. This is why they have shown a sitar in the hands of Saraswati.
  2. No matter what happened, Mama had learnt the lesson of the drama very firmly. Mama had a very good habit of seeing it as a detached observer.  She never came into upheaval seeing any scene of the drama. Her face was always the same and always smiling. She used to teach all of us the lesson of “nothing new” and made us unshakeable and immovable.
  3. We never saw signs of worry on Mama’s face. If someone left his or her body or if something happened to her own body, she never thought about it too much. Mama never lived ordinarily. We always saw Mama as very elevated, with the intoxication of spirituality.
  4. Baba said to Mama: Will you become Lakshmi? That was it! Once Baba  said that Mama’s face and character completely changed. To becomevirtuous, to see virtues and to donate virtues: these three things were in Mama very strongly. That was why, although she was young in age, she was mature in her dharna, and young and old, all began to call her Mama with great love. Mama, the embodiment of virtues, claimed number one ahead of everyone.
  5. To be present in class is to be an obedient child of Baba’s. However, not just to be regular, but also punctual. Mama taught us not to be even slightly late. Never miss murli or the early morning meditation. Baba used to say about this: Don’t be careless. Those who are concerned about this would never be careless. Baba says: Remain in the stage up above. Why do you speak of things down below? We never heard such things emerging from Mama’s lips. Mama used to remain completely quiet. She would only speak when necessary and then remain silent.
  6. Mama taught us to remain accurate in following the codes of conduct. Mama used to maintain such a stage of soul consciousness that Baba’s actions and virtues were visible through Mama. So, whatever Baba is teaching us should be visible through us. All the old sanskars should end.
  7. Three specialities were very clearly visible in Mama. 1. Spirituality. 2.  Self-respect. 3. The love of all relationships with the Father. So, we too have to imbibe these three virtues in ourselves. Through this, body consciousness will automatically end.
  8. Shiv Baba placed the urn of nectar on Mama’s head and Mama became an ins trument to imbibe that and relate it to others. However, Mama always used to say: It is “Pita Prasad” (holy food offered to God and distributed to all). I am only relating to you what I have received from the Father. I am relating to you what I have imbibed in myself.    This is why her words were sparkling with sweetness and truth. The more truth and purity you have in your words, the more sweetness there will be. If there is the slightest impurity, or any type of defamation in your mind for anyone, there will be bitterness in your words.
  9. Sweet Mama sustained us all with a lot of love and by giving us signals. Mama’s heart was very clean. Mama would accommodate everything of every child in herself as though nothing had happened.    To accommodate that within oneself whilst giving teachings, to have the power to accommodate that in oneself and change the other person with love was a very big speciality we saw in Mama. Mama never kept weaknesses of others in her heart.
  10. Mama always used to stay in her self-respect. She had the natural art of creating the seed stage, of packing up (merging) all thoughts, and of not going into expansion and this was why Mama’s murli was very effective. The attraction of divinity and truth was also visible on Mama’s face.
  11. Seeing the coolness of the mother, the sweet moon of knowledge, souls who would otherwise get angry also began to experience that coolness.
  12. Mama was always tireless. No matter how much service she did, we never saw any feeling of tiredness on her face.
  13. Whilst being in the company of so many souls, whilst listening to all of them, she herself remained loving and detached from all of those things. There was never any change in Mama’s drishti for any soul.   She had that same sweet drishti for everyone. Together with that, she also definitely cautioned them about their weaknesses.
  14. No matter what weaknesses a soul had, Mama never spoke any negative words about anyone, that others might take advantage of.
  15. The aim of our mother, who always had a cool nature and spoke sweet words, was to remove everyone’s sorrow.  In any condition, in any situation, let alone anger, Mama never became irritated. We never heard Mama speaking loudly. Mama was an incarnation of peace, an image of love.
  16. We saw the practical form of maturity, the mine of all virtues, in Mama. Not a mother who had attachment, but a good mother, like a teacher and guru. A mother who taught us with her own proof.  Because of maturity and patience, Mama had the power to accommodate and pack up. Because of accommodating and packing up, Mama was an embodiment of tolerance. With the virtue of tolerance, she was always cool and peaceful.
  17. Whenever you met Mama and you held her hand, you would feel as though you were receiving sakaash and happiness. Mama had so much power in her hands, those hands had magic in them.
  18. Whatever Baba related, Mama used to listen with such attention, as though she was becoming an embodiment of each and every thing. This was why Mama was always  nshakeable, immovable and had a constant stage.   We never saw Mama’s stage fluctuating. She didn’t make effort that was hard or laborious. Mama’s face was always sparkling with the royalty of purity. Because of the personality of this purity, Mama is remembered and praised so much in the form of Jagadamba.
  19. Through Mama’s face, we saw what unshakeable faith is. Mama never mixed manmat with shrimat. Mama never said, “My idea is… I think…”. It was always: “Baba said this. Baba has explained this”. And, even when saying that, she said it so sweetly that anyone was easily able to understand with what significance Baba had spoken it.
  20. We never saw Mama being ordinary in any way, she was always royal. This was why she became Shiv Baba’s granddaughter and Brahma Baba’s daughter, the mother Kamdhe nu who fulfilled everyone’s desires.   Mama never had any desires for herself. She always remained full of the treasures that the Father gave.
  21. Mama never made a show of herself. She gave incognito sustenance. She helped everyone to imbibe everything very well. Even up to today, there are some of Baba’s children who experience being sustained with the sustenance of the corporeal mother and father.
  22. Mama played such an elevated part in sustaining us children. Because of this, no one except Mama can receive the title of “Goddess of Knowledge”. She imbibed Shiv Baba’s knowledge to such an extent that she became the Goddess of Knowledge.   This is why people remember Saraswati when they want to imbibe knowledge (on a worldly level too).
  23. Mama always had the intoxication of self-respect and remained stable in her original religion. Our religion is peace and Mama was an incarnation of power. Whatever Baba said, Mama’s intellect accepted that. Mama would never have said: “I did this!” She always signalled towards Baba. “I am the daughter and He is the Mother and Father.” Mama was egoless to this extent.
  24. Mama is the daughter of Brahma. She had such cleanliness and purity in her relationships that she became Jagadamba. Together with this, Mama also had the intoxication of “hum so”, of once again becoming that. That intoxication was visible in her eyes and the features of her face. It was as though she truly was Shri Lakshmi. It was as though her sanskars were filled with: Who is it I belong to and what is my future is.
  25. Mama always used to stay in solitude. Every morning, Mama would wake up at 2.00 am and sit in remembrance in solitude. Through this effort, we were able to see Mama’s perfect form many times.
  26. Mama was number one obedient. Mama understood eve ry signal from Baba and related it to us children in a very simple and clear manner. In Mama’s elevated versions, there is clarification of each and every aspect. We saw in Mama’s face what our love for Baba should be like.
  27. We always remember one thing of Mama again and again. Mama always  used to say: All of you make so much effort to accumulate power, and yet you spend it unnecessarily so easily. You become unhappy and weak by using your energy unnecessarily. You don’t give yourself sufficient time to earn it. However, if you keep on spending throughout the whole day, you will become bankrupt. Then because you don’t have any strength, when something comes in front of you, you would say, “It is very difficult”.
  28. We always remember two slogans of Mama. Mama always used to say: 1. “Every moment is my last moment.” 2. “The Master who gives the orders is making me move.” Mama always used to remember these two mantras and also remind everyone else of them.    With these mantras you will easily become destroyers of attachment, and embodiments of remembrance. And you won’t be involved in any complications. By keeping your intellect free from everything else, you will be able to fulfil Baba’s hopes.


  1. Today we have experienced Mama’s presence and her blessings in our Pollachi center.As per the advise of dadi Janikiji ‘s message we have given gift to our father Shiva Baba.
    From BK Shoba