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Brother BK Karuna and Dr. Pratap Midha’s Visit At Kathmandu & Pokhra (Nepal)


Dear Esteemed Divine family, Om Shanti !

Greetings of love, happiness & peace from Sister Raj, Kiran and Divine family of Kathmandu, Nepal.

With the Blessings & grace of Baba, Dadis, senior sisters and senior brothers of Madhuban divine family
the Brahmin family of Kathmandu Nepal sub-zone is lucky to have the fortune of visit of two Senior brothers
BK Karuna Bhai Shab and BK Dr. Pratap Midha Shab from July 7 to 12 July 2015. BK teachers & BK students
were fortunate to have stirring & inspiring separate classes for both of them.

During their visit they, along senior sister, senior brother of Kathmandu Centre had useful meeting with
Hon’ble Vice President Mr. Parmanda Jha, His Excellency Mr. Ranjit Rae Ambassador of India for Nepal and
Hon’ble Health Minister Mr. Kharaj Raj Adhikari and other dignitaries and senior BKs.

They visited some of the areas around Kathmandu valley which included some of buildings, schools and world
heritage monuments and temples devastated by recent earthquake. They also had useful talks on and about
the possibilities of helping building earthquake devastated school, helping disabled students and hospital
for them.

They also visited Pokhara during their stay here.  Some service photos are attached herewith.

Thankful to all divine family for your all kinds of Supports.
In Baba’s sweet yaad….
BK Raj and Kathmandu Divine Family
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