1. Dearest Dadi Shantamani ji..
    You have been a pillar of light, dedication, hospitality and peace. You have been a real inspiration to us double foreigners, an image of Baba’s original jewel of establishment and service.
    Now rest awhile on BapDada’s lap, as we carry on the torch of service and of being the embodiment of BapDada’s teaching you have carried so well all these years.

    Till we meet again our dear beloved Dadi ji


    Om Shanti

  2. Om shanti
    Nice to experience that you have gone to Baba’s lap.
    We will meet you in the first division of Sakthiyuga Dadimaa.
    Bk Shoba, Pollachi.

  3. when i met a few months back to respected DADI JI she gave me the seven days course in just ten Minutes she always talks about from where you came and what BABA teaches us and how to remember the BABA …..meeting with DADI JI was as good as meeting theBAPDAD.. it was a great experience .

  4. dear dadi shantamaniji
    I had met you you know. your inspiration is helping me very much. I too became the real Godly servant just like you.

    bk maheshkumar. kagwad, karnataka.