1. Respected dear divine bro./sis. ji,

    Congratulations for GWB project
    It’s good that reached the number more than expected(target)

    The following are few opinions of depositors that
    1.Is these minutes which updated are just by email or phone or excel file or hard copy send to you or any else.
    2. Can centers get GWB checque.
    3. Are those are true numbers
    4. Are you collecting hard copies
    5.somebody says that we are putting good wish on others but by filling form , does it mean forcing to do good wish.


  2. it should not be stopped start 2nd phase and keeep collecting goodwishes for the whole of world

  3. dear sweet brothers congratulations for GWB.
    but i think this GWB till to 5000 years of 2,592,000,000 minuts countinue.
    i hope posible this is.