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International Women’s Day in ​Washington D.C. (USA)


Dr. Smita Patel held a gathering at her home in Potomac, Maryland to honor Sister Jenna, Joanna Lukasis, Mina Patel, and Zainab Al Suwaij for International Women’s Day.
Also, there were the wives of African Ambassadors from Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, and Mozambique. Each shared that the role of women are on the rise and we now needed to lay a strong foundation to continue the momentum. The dinner also celebrated the birthdays of Sr. Jenna, Mina, Joanna, and Zainab and the gift of blessings gave everyone a feeling of fortune and empowerment. The men in the room all shared that they were ready to listen and cooperate with the needs of women in these times.