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Denpasar (Indonesia) -Donation of Braille Books to ​the Visually Impaired


Brahma Kumaris of Denpasar made a visit to Dria Raba School in Denpasar. The Bks were very warmly welcome by the staff there. The headmaster, Mr Drs I Ketut Sumartawan, M.Phil, said that he knows about Brahma Kumaris and he is very happy to get service from them.

Bk Sister Janaki said that the Bks will surely be happy to render any kind of spiritual service if necessary. The 2 brothers from Madhuban, Bk Ram Lochan Bhai and Bk Suryamani Bhai, donated a complet​e​ set of Brahma Kumaris course  book  in Braille to the school. The students were very responsive and happy to receive blessings in braille.

Sister Bk Janaki said ​that the happiness we experience is not based on the body but the spirit. She said that positive thinking and self respect will definitely help to boost self image and self esteem. Further services will continue to be given.